Another Zion is possible.


To the Zionist groups of the world and the Jewish people:

We should never forget the Jewish holocaust.

But we shouldn't either forget Haganah and Irgun, two groups that terrorized the arabs living in Jerusalem 19 years before the Nazis.

Jews were discriminated and regarded with suspicion by the Nazis because they were considered an alien “nation within the nation”.

We need to accept that the role that the Jews played during WWII is today played by the Muslims, specially the Palestinians.

The hate towards Islam and the hate for Palestinians is Xenophobia.

Another Zion is possible. A Zion for all cultures. A Zion full of freedom. A Zion full of love and justice.

Insallah, a Zion for Judaism, a Zion for Catholicism, and a Zion for Islam.



       This photo by Husam Abu Allan of the winter in Al-Khaleel has been chosen by NC to represent
                                                  the solidarity between Palestine and Mexico.